Why you'll love spolytics

Powerful features to take beach volleyball analytics to the next level.

zones analysis

Zone Analysis

Use our interactive zone analysis to review where your moves take place on the field. You are able to see the start and end zone for every move. Learn about the favourite hitting direction of your opponents.

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match history

Match History

Scroll through your entire match history. Use the quick links to jump to individual moves in the video. Your points are automatically marked as sideout or break points.

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line chart

Line Chart

Quickly see the points for both teams accumulated in a line chart. Use your mouse to get more information about every single move. You can immediately see strong and weak timespans for your and the opponent team.

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Box Score

Get a summary for every skill and evaluation. Filter the data by team and by set. You can learn about the best hitter and most efficient blocker.

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piechart service

Donut Chart

Get a visual representation of your box score values. Beautiful transitions make it easy to spot changes. Filter by team, player and set. Use your mouse to get more data for each slice.

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track zones

Track Zones

Track the start and end zone for every move. Use our visual help to improve your tracking skills.

track history

Track History

Every move you track is added to the history. You can quickly undo an invalid move.

track help

Track Utilities

We provide instant feedback and support during live tracking. Compare your code with visual feedback.

players statistics

Player Statistics

Get detailed player statistics throughout your entire match history. Compare kill percentage and hitting efficiency among multiple players. Inspect the average values and set them in contrast with the last match.

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team statistics

Team Statistics

Get the side out data for all your team and all their matches. You can analyze the average value and each individual value for every set. Compare results during side out with results during transition.

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